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New Zealand Day 8 – Itinerary Update

Currently in Tuatapere and off to Manapouri in a few minutes. Would like to take a look around town a bit first but it looks like rain later today and winds could pick as well. I have 80 k to cover without any services so have to make it in one go.     Posted […]

New Zealand Day 7 – Preview

I have uploaded a few photos from today. Travelled from Riverton to Tuatapere. off to Manapouri first thing tomorrow. Will follow up with a complete posting.             Posted with Blogsy

New Zealand Day 7 – Riverton to Tuatapere (draft without pictures)

April 30, 2013 This is already Day 7. Amazing how the time flies by, but this has been the best day so far. Spent the previous night at the motor camp in Riverton and as it was raining when I checked in the owner had let me sleep inside in the large hall (~15m x […]

New Zealand Day 6 – Fortrose to Riverton

April 29, 2013 After a very windy day the day before and after much debate I set might sites on Riverton which was 87k down the Coast. The forecast did not look promising with strong Westerly winds in exposed coastal areas and the chance of hail. When I left Fortrose there was a stiff wind […]

New Zealand Day 4 – McLean Falls to Curio Bay

April 27, 2013 Was up by 5:15 hoping to get an earlier start. Took a little while to get things cleaned up and packed as it had rained through the night. My first stop for the day was Cathedral Caves which are only accessible at low tide. On this morning low tide was at 9:20 […]

New Zealand Day 5 – Curio Bay to Fortrose

April 28, 2013 The wind blew strong through the night but dropped slightly in the morning. The wind at least had dried out the balance of my gear including my tent. Didn't see any penguins but there was a beautiful sunrise over the bay and a low tide allowed me to check out the Petrified […]

New Zealand Day 4 Part 1 – Cathedral Caves

A few photos of Cathedral Caves. Thought I would post these before I hit the road as I may not have wifi for a few days. All photos taken with GoPro camera.     Posted with Blogsy

New Zealand Day 1 – Kaka Point to Owaka and Back

As my luggage still has not arrived I went on a short trip from the farm to Owaka and then back to Kaka Point and the farm. Bike worked quite well straight out the box. A bit of rain and did get damp but not at all uncomfortable. Took a tour of the Museum in […]

Day 0 – Arrival in New Zealand (with bike but no gear)

April 23, 2013 The travel to NewZealand went quite well with the exception of baggage. Our flight from San Francisco to Auckland was only half full, which meant that Thea and I were each able to have three seats to ourselves and stretch out for the overnight flight. Almost as comfortable as business class? The […]

New Zealand Day 3 – Papatowai to McLean Falls

Woke up a little late and worked on blog in comfort of tent before starting breakfast. No cell phone or wireless communications in the Catlins however. The sun eventually came out and took this as chance to dry things while I rearranged packing and cooked my breakfast and next couple lunches. Also did a partial […]