New Zealand Day 9 – Itinerary Update

May 2, 2013

I made it to Manapouri yesterday. 80 k further up the Island though put 90 k on the bike with side trips. No rain yesterday thought rain started in evening and continues today. Snow expected down to 400 m on Saturday night.

Kayaking has closed down for the season on Doubtful Sound but is still operating on Milford Sound until May 17. Therefore off to Milford planning to arrive late Friday. Will camp tonight at Gunns Camp which is a remote camp about 8 k off the Milford Road.

May catch a ride back out from Milford if it is too cold and snowing when I return to Te Anua on Saturday/Sunday (snow expected to 400m and milford road climbs to 900 m).

No wireless until I get back to Te Anua though there may be wifi from Milford.


One comment

  1. Hi Brent,

    Have just read your lastest entries, sounds pretty tough riding windy and wet to Invercargill. Pleased you got some beautiful scenery along the south coast, as you see from the angle of the trees it certainly knows how to blow there. Yesterday and today beauitiful so hoping you have the same. Expecting Thea tomorrow. Kind Regards Andy

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