New Zealand Day 14 – Mossburn to Queenstown

May 7, 2013

This was to be the last day of my self supported bike trip. I started the day off in Mossburn and stopped in Five Rivers to visit a cousin of Thea's before carrying on towards Queenstown. Due to my numerous stops enroute Thea caught up to me in her camper van about 10 km short of Queenstown. This however was good timing as I was running out of daylight.


My tent fly inside and out was coated in a heavy frost

Cooking breakfast through doorway of tent. Kept quite warm and didn't even have to leave my sleeping bag.

A bit of frost on the ground

Clear sunny day and I was regretting not being up at Mavora Lakes

Lunch stop o reheat a meat pie

Lake Wakatipu

Light starting fade over Lake Wakatipu



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